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  • Launch new business
  • New business strategy
  • Expand business to Japanese market
  • Need partner to realize dream
  • New business strategy

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About US

Create a platform(Granplatz=large square) for everybody to gather bringing technologies and the market together
Change that matters realizing their dream through innovation 
Company Profile
Specialized in consultation, we provide solutions for the clients to challenge something new through exploiting the potential capability
Based on building firm relationships and reliability, we keep supporting the clients to achieve their goal Especially, focusing on expanding the new market for epoch-making products which makes our life convenient and happier.
From August '21, starting to cultivate Japanese market for overseas early-stage enterprise collaborating with one of the most prestigious partners utilizing crowdfunding platform
We provide the best marketing strategies triggering crowdfunding and propose the following best roadmap for the continuous sales flow


  • New business launch strategy
  • Marketing strategy dedicated to the Japanese market
  • Crowdfunding consulting
  • Coaching for innovation 

Sales Promotion
  • Sales promotion triggering crowdfunding 
  • Exhibiting suitable trade show(Ex. Gift show)
  • Sales promotion to Japanese major retail stores
  • On line sales promotion
  • Provide suitable logistics based on the requirements
  • Get approval for Japan domestic regulation
  • Provide reliable information for trading with Japan

  • Provide suitable logistics based on the requirements
  • Get approval for Japan domestic regulation
  • Provide reliable information for trading with Japan



  • Found in ‘16 in Singapore supporting start-up companies to expand business in Asia bridging customers in Europe. Support them to achieve an Annual  USD15M business in a year 
  • ‘19, open office in Japan helping Asian clients to expand their business in Japan. Already help them to open 6 factories in Japan with total 50MUSD turnover
  •  ‘21 June, start coaching to businessperson to change their mind for innovation to achieve their goal
  • ’21 July, start a collaboration with Japanese leading influencers Hideaki Otake, the best partner to launch and expand your products in Japan, who has lead success for more than 500 projects on the crowdfunding platform and expand business channel in Japan. We are willing to support overseas start-ups, early-stage and unique enterprises who need innovation to expand their business in Japan.

Features of Services

Provide one-stop solution from the strategy planning to actual products launch!
Based on our experiences, we can provide a total solution to the clients, from strategy planning, marketing research, advertising, logistics, and sales promotion through consultation.

Long term partner collaborating in one team proposing the best solution to realize the dream of your business
Not only just selling your products but through complete consultation to be a long term reliable partner, we propose the best procedure to realize your requirements through our rich experiences

Partnering with the prestigious influencer who produced more than 500 projects and USD10M turnover over Japanese based crowdfunding
We have a best partner to launch your products in Japanese market, who has lead success of more than 500 project through crowdfunding. Even after crowdfunding, continue promotion utilizing exhibition to expand sales chenell throughout Japan.

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CEO Hiro Onishi
Hiro Onishi
CEO Granplatz Consulting 

Specialized in strategy planning, consultation, coaching, and new business launching with a strong philosophy to bridge technologies and market.

After receiving an ME degree in Chemistry from Osaka University, started his career as an engineer of new display technology in Panasonic in '84. But realizing the importance of bridging technologies and market, voluntarily raise hands to start a new career as a sales representative for B2B and B2C business in North America including launching new technologies from Japan. Arrange trade shows to support local sales companies to achieve USD50M.

Also experienced global procurement achieving $10M new business in a year. Engaged in the whole Panasonic global strategy planning and lead organization restructures for better overseas business.

Found IT-oriented incorporated venture company selling CRM systems in the Japanese market. After engaged in a new recycling business, realized 7MUSD new business in a year and took early retirement.

In '16 start new careers in Singapore to support overseas-based startup company. In '19 also open a Japanese base to support Asian clients to launch a new factory in Japan. July in '21 to support overseas companies to launch new products start the collaboration with one of the top influencers of product sales base crowdfunding.

Strategic Partner Hideaki Otake

Hideaki Otake 


The leading influencer for the product sales-based crowdfunding in Japan and the official Makuake evangelist.

We had produced a total of 560 crowdfunding projects amounting to over 1.2 billion yen.

Trade company: Running a trading company for 13 yearsConsultant: Import business consultant in Japan for 9 yearsOfficial partner : Makuake, CAMPFIRE, GREEN FUNDINGMakuake: Best Partner Award 2019Publish : Three business books / 30,000 copiesRetailers relationship: Big Camera, Tokyu Hands, Loft and so onOnline selling : Amazon / Rakuten / Yahoo!!


Hideaki Otake’s official website


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